Kelp Journal is an online literary magazine with oceanic, conservationist, and surf forward themes. We publish writers, travelers, artists, and photographers from all over the world in all types of genres.

The Wave is a delightful mixture of all our sections, published on our multimedia blog. We are looking for flash and micro fiction in any genre; short essays on any topic, including spooky encounters; book reviews; poetry, with a focus on emerging poets; and photography and art. As always, coastal, travel, and adventure themes are preferred; however, all will be considered.

When submitting, please name your submission file with your last name, title of work, and section.

Ex: Olsen_Crush_Fiction

Ex: Santana_Gone Fishing_Non-fiction

Ex: Larks_Snowfall_Poetry

Please note that submissions that do not follow Kelp Journal guidelines will receive an automatic decline.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.